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Yunie IRL
This guy :iconmleth: celebrated his birthday about... 10 days ago! So i mean I guess I made him a gift or whatever. He's told me before that if he were to hire a cast to play his characters he'd hire Daisy Ridley, the girl who played Rey in the force awakens. So this face was loosely inspired by hers! I also referenced characters like Lara Croft and Samus Aran. 
I was doodling gestures out of my head one day and came up with a pose that gave me a sense that the character was fierce and pretty rad. First thing I thought of was Rey from the Force Awakens. I'm so happy she exists, ya'll. 
Character Designs - College Assignment
This is a big reason why I went to study animation. That class was my jam and I really wish I could take it again and again. The final assignment for that class was to draw 6 character thumbnails and then to develop the best one out of those 6... lets just say picking only six of my characters to draw wasn't enough for me! 

If you're already familiar with my original characters (true MVP you are ;) then you might wonder who this Madison is? She's Isaac's little sister! She actually has a major role in the story. I really wanted to vamp up Idako's thumbnail too but I had to limit myself at that point haha (had an animation final too). One day I'm going to probably redo all of these designs (might even add more) to really jazz up my portfolio. 
Take on meeee
I was so ridiculously happy when I heard that NSP was doing a cover of one of my favourite 80s jams. I absolutely love their version and wanted to draw something! So here's Dan drawn in the same style as the original A-ha music video of Take On me 


ReneeViolet's Profile Picture
Renee Violet
Artist | Student | Digital Art
The name's Violet. Renee Violet. Pshh... I don't think I'm cool enough to pull that off XD So yeah, my name is Renee. I like to draw portraits and characters I admire from either an anime, a show/movie or a video game... pretty much anything. I like playing video games, watching youtube videos and of course, drawing! I'd like to become a concept artist for video games, cartoons or Disney movies. I'd also really like to publish my own graphic novels once I become a better artist.
Why I draw:
I draw because I find it's the only way I can be free to create anything. I feel that boundaries don't exist freeing myself an unlimited amount of possibilities. And I can also draw butts whenever I want :3

Here are a few of my favorite artists. They inspire me so much I just HAVE to put them here gawsh. You never know man, one of you guys could even get your icon over here! :O

:icondctb: :iconburdge: :iconmleth: :icondreamerwhit: :iconviria13: :iconyuumei: :iconlapis-razuri: :icontracyjb: :iconfdasuarez: :iconloish: :iconninjatic: :iconsakimichan: :iconjimbobox: :iconnewsha-ghasemi: :iconkuvshinov-ilya: :iconselenada: :iconadvanced-random: :iconsharandula: :iconnsio: :iconwojtekfus: :iconfishiebug: :iconshilin: :iconmarcbrunet: :iconmeganlara: :iconpuyoakira: :iconquirkilicious:

My Motto: NSNN (Never Say No to Nachos)
When in doubt, look up.


Photoshop tutorial time - by renee the canadian. this is the text version that I wrote up cause I still feel like I need to practice using this technique before I can really show you how I do it. 

How I paint grayscale to colour in photoshop

(without illustrations)

step 1: Sketch

-new canvas

-draw your sketch. this is where you’re free, bro (majestic eagle)

step 2: Setting up

-Make your background grey and stuff cause it’s your neutral tone (the shade between the darkest shade and the lightest)

-copy your sketch layer and merge it with the gray layer (working on one layer. you ready for this?)

-keep your original sketch layer somewhere safe cause you never know, you might need it later.

step 3: Brush settings

-best pay attention cause this step is important

-my favourite brushes at the moment are the chalk default brushes. Those should come with your version of photoshop

-so go into your brush settings

    -if you have a hard time finding that widget, look at the top right part of your window

    -click the button that says “essentials” and then a list of layout settings will appear

    -click “PAINTING” this will give you the practical layout for digital painting/drawing

-select one of the chalk brushes (23 for example)

-click “other dynamics” this makes your brush look like a perf gradient

-if it doesn’t look all flowy and magical, must be because photoshop doesnt know that you’re using a tablet

-to fix that, click where it says “off” and select “pen pressure”

    TIP! : -if you’re working on hair, click on “shape dynamics” and select “pen pressure” again if it isn’t already set


feel free to select any other of the brush settings and just go crazy with them

step 4: Shading

With your style of shading, be freeeeee

i usually start with hard shapes. by that i mean lots of contrast and like cell shaded but not as tidy

and then i add in other tones to help blend things together.

Step 5: Colouring

-once you’re satisfied with your painting, you’re ready to start the colouring process (which is super quick and easy compared to the rest)

-add a new layer, this will be your first colour layer (be sure that its above your grayscale painting layer)

-aftah that, select your colour and colour <-- (verb)

-it’ll look like you just made a mess BU’DEN! you set your colour layer to “overlay” or maybe even "soft light" and your couloured painting will appear!!

-after that, choose some warmer tones to give it more depth (unless you like it the way it is which is cool too)

-apply this knowledge to any other colour layer you choose to create and BWAH!

    TIP! : -When you’re done with your pretty pictah, you can boost up the picture and add a filter :3

-Just make a rainbow mess with all sort of colours with the gradient tool

-then set that layer to either “screen” or “overlay” and adjust the layer opacity to change how intense you want the filter to be



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